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With a toddler series: Doing Detroit

Fact – I’m a fan of not only finding ANYTHING to do just about ANYWHERE, but whenever possible, I always try to include my son, Connor. Detroit isn’t normally a place that most would choose to use as a location to “get-away.” However, everyone knows two things about me: 1- I will find tons of things to get into NO MATTER where I go and 2- half of the time, …

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Alas! I would finally get the chance to live out my dreams of being in a hot, smoke filled bodega, while women twirled around in dresses and tube tops that showed off sweaty mid-sections and we brought up the sun with salsa music blaring from a loud live band in the background. *sigh*  I FINALLY HAD MY CHANCE! VAMANOS A CUBA! How? Prep for Cuba started about four months in …

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