Bee-Keeping in Miami!

  House in front of: 5010 SW 166th Ave, Southwest Ranches FL, 33331
  In Google Maps, type in “HealthierToGo”

It’s probably safe to say that a good many of us are scarred from watching Macaulay Culkin in My Girl. I know I was traumatized! I was never the same after watching him get attacked by bees and lose his young life; in fact, I was a wreck! (Imagine hearing my sad laughter here.) When it comes to bees, the last thing most people think about is getting close to them on purpose. On the contrary, the buzzing little creatures and their stingers normally have you running in the opposite direction OR swatting furiously in your car when one of them is trapped in there with you. However, Maria and Guillermo, of Honey and Quail Eggs Farm (located near Miami, FL in Southwest Ranches, FL), will totally change that – you get to be a BEEKEEPER!

Upon booking this experience (see booking information at the end of the article), you might wonder what you could possibly be getting yourself into, but their posting did promise you a once-in-a-lifetime experience to get up close and personal with the busy bees, after all. 

The farm has no technical street parking or designated spaces, but that’s A-Okay! I just parallel parked alongside the road. When I walked to the entrance I was greeted by Maria, who took me away to for a brief introduction, to sign waivers, and to get suited up!

The introductory information left me amazed! Hearing the intricate process of beekeepers, from collecting materials to introducing a new queen to a hive, to proper temperature control, left me fully engaged and excited to see what would come next. After signing waivers and getting suited, I was ready to head out and meet the bees. I was nervous! My heartbeat got faster the closer I got to the hives, and I admit I considered turning around and running, but Maria’s calm demeanour enabled me to continue following her with what possibly appeared to be all the confidence in the world. 

My experience allowed me to inspect a few different hives and interact with the bees. They were sweethearts! We searched for the queens, marked them, and even watched as one of the colonies pulled the queen we had marked back into her hive for safety! Going into the cells allowed me to see the drones, workers, and larvae. I also saw how you can tell when a queen isn’t properly directing her hive and things are growing/being built upside-down or out of order (which unfortunately means that a queen has to go). I also learned about royal jelly, the bees’ life cycle, their behaviors, how honey is harvested, and more. 

Most importantly, I learned how critical bees are to our ecosystem – we really need and depend on them. I left with a newfound respect for bees and the people who take care of them. If you are debating whether to check out this farm, don’t hesitate to book and experience the bees for yourself! Once you’re finished, you can even grab some of their honey or quail eggs!


  • If you are staying in Miami, the drive is about 35-45 minutes, depending on the traffic.
  • If you think there’s any possibility that you might be allergic to bees, avoid the farm. You do have to sign a liability release form.
  • The suit can get VERY HOT. While you do want to be fully protected under the suit, try to keep your clothing as light as possible.
  • Be sure to wear closed-toe shoes.

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