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“Travel Makes One Modest. You See What A Tiny Place You Occupy In The World.” – Gustave Flaubert

Travel & Food Are My Passion!

Meet the lady with an itchy foot
Sabrina Crawford, the founder of Planes and Plates is an explorer and travel, food, and adventure enthusiast. She travels to the most stunning destinations and tries different cuisines with an aim to provide you with the detailed information about every place she
visits. She loves to experience the unique off-beaten paths and do exhilarating activities. Her love for travel will inspire you and throw light on all the things you can do that are out of the
Sabrina aims to give people ideas and insights about all the things that can be done to make a trip worth remembering. Moreover, she is a passionate writer. She made her debut as an author with a children’s book titled ‘Our Little Rainbow’.

My Latest Blog

New Chicago Restaurant – Provare!

Provare 1421 W Chicago Ave Chicago, IL, 60642 312-988-0943 Chicago has done it again! As the city continues to add to its restaurant repertoire of why we are one...

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Bee-Keeping in Miami!

It’s probably safe to say that a good many of us are scarred from watching Macaulay Culkin in My Girl. I know I was traumatized! I was never the same...

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The 2-Day Groupon Bahamas Cruise

 I know you’ve seen it – perhaps it was when you were laying on the couch at home, aimlessly scrolling Groupon for yet another personalized mug and VOILA! There it...

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