S Crawford


“Where are you going now?”  “You’re ALWAYS doing something!” “You ate WHAT?!” I can’t tell you how often I hear these things.

I remember doing a 5K on January 1st, 2016. In Chicago. Plenty of snow on the ground. While 7 ½ months pregnant. It was FREEZING! I posted it on Facebook and everyone that previously didn’t think I was a wild child that was nuts, definitely thought it then. Here’s the thing – I’ve always had a hankering for being a “free-spirit,” so-to-speak, which has often led to me randomly traveling places, searching for new foodie spots or chasing after some form of thrill seeking. It is routine that people ask me where to go to hang out, which restaurant has the best this or that or how to get a good flight deal. I pride myself on being able to tell someone whatever it is they need to know! I love discovering awesome and cool places, events and foods, especially with my Son & sidekick, Connor.

Despite me having extensive experience in corporate America and an advanced degree in college (GO I.U.!), my passion lies in writing, wandering and helping others tap into their love of exploring. So often many of us get stuck in a rut and forget to do things that make us happy, not remembering that we can only be our best selves when we are feeling fulfilled. I don’t travel as nearly as often as I would love to, however, when I do, I try and take in as much as possible that will make for a memorable trip, no matter how short or long. When I’m not traveling, I am exploring the great city of my home, Chicago and surrounding areas; there is so much here to do and see! I hope that others grab life by the horns and explore. Live. Even if it’s only in their own “backyard” and give that same lust for life to their children. We only experience a part of life if we do not seek to taste every bit of it.