Gems in Milwaukee

Milwaukee, Wisconsin is considered a hop, skip, and a jump way from Chicago. From the city limits of Chicago, it is a quick road trip that doesn’t take any more than a couple hours and is packed with goodies along the way. On my most recent visit there, I found a couple of gems that you should definitely add to your list, if you plan on visiting.


The Pfister – BLU

424 E Wisconsin Ave

Milwaukee, WI 53202

United States

BLU at The Pfister

The Pfister is a luxury hotel located in the downtown Milwaukee area, right near Lake Michigan. Not only are they a hotel, but they also boast having a full-service spa, salon, and Victorian art collection. It was built in 1893 but recently renovated in 2014, which did nothing but enhance the property, including the amazing architecture that you cant help but stare at, in awe, when you first walk in.

Drinks at The BLU

However, if you get on the elevator and venture up to the 23rd floor, you will find the beauty in the sky that is known as “BLU.” BLU is a bar and lounge that offers panoramic views of downtown Milwaukee and Lake Michigan. BLU has an outstanding wine collection and cocktails that are perfect for capping off your evening. The best part? On Fridays and Saturday nights, starting at 8pm until midnight, there is live music. The atmosphere is perfect at night – it is dark when you walk in, with subtle lighting that comes from candles that are present on every table. You have the option to sit by the windows, which extend from floor to ceiling, and allow you to take in the outside scenery, which is beautiful in either the day or not. Chatter from the crowd enjoying their company isn’t overwhelming and still affords you the opportunity to enjoy the music. It is totally free to enter and even if you have to wait for a seat, the great cocktail list and service that soon follows, is well worth the wait.


Inside of Mr.Perkins

Mr. Perkins Family Restaurant

2001 W. Atkinson Ave
Milwaukee, WI, 53209

Want soul food? Comfort food? Head here to Mr.Perkins. This restaurant is located on the corner of West Atkinson Ave and North 20thstreet and would be easy to pass if you weren’t paying attention. The unpretentious outside matches the inside – it isn’t fancy, but is everything that you could want and more. I had the chance to stop by here for breakfast and try the fried catfish, grits, and eggs with cheese; it was every bit of amazing. Often times, catfish, though easy to cook, can be prepared in ways that are less that desirable, but theirs is PERFECT! The restaurant is family owned and operated and has always been that way; you can feel the love in the food. Outside of it being the prefect breakfast, be sure to check them out for their other food, which includes collard greens, mac and cheese, baked chicken, meatloaf, and more.


  There is, of course, much more to the state of Wisconsin, however, if driving through Milwaukee, be sure that these two places are on your “must-visit” list.

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